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Fall Anime Review – 11eyes

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Kusakabe Misuzu of 11eyes

Too little of her, too much of everyone else.

Anime based on 18+ PC games, like this season’s 11eyes,  generally fall into two categories: the true visual novels where the sex scenes often felt tacked-on and suffer nothing from the all-ages conversion because they get to focus on the story, and the meaningless fluff games that end up being slapped with the “slice of life” label (read: plotless and pointless) and are blatant money-grabs.

11eyes falls into the first category, but it doesn’t settle into the anime format very well. It has promise as a story, but it develops too slowly to grab you and pull you in – it’s paced like a novel, which has many problems in a 25-minute format.

The story of 11eyes is a variation on the “high school kids transported to another world, where they are heroes” theme, with the twist that the 6 heroes really don’t enjoy the experience much – the Red Night they enter is a bloody and frightening place (it most resembles the shadow worlds of Persona 3 and 4) and almost everything in it is trying to kill them.

Aside from some uninspired monster designs, the Red Night is a fascinating place full of mystery and danger. The problem is that the heroes don’t spend much time there yet, instead spending their time engaged in ponderous expository dialogue that takes 5 minutes when a 30-second flashback would be more than enough.

The first episode starts out great, with the main character Kakeru having a vivid and horrific nightmare about his older sister’s suicide, but from there it degrades into a generic school comedy with uninteresting, typecast characters. You don’t really get to know anyone for a couple of episodes, and the characters somehow remain shallow for the first three episodes even though nothing really happens outside of dialogue and occasional fight scenes. With the exception of fan favorite Misuzu, the development has been sparse and you find yourself wondering what the time has been spent doing (the answer: not much).

I liked the story of the original game, so I’m going to stay with this for a little bit longer – but it’s been a rough stretch so far and we’re only just now getting to the parts where the characters start being interesting. If you don’t have enough perseverance as I do, you should probably stay away from 11eyes.

The good:
– Good character designs
– A deep story that provides plenty of drama and makes you curious about the background.

The bad:
– Annoying characters who are as deep as a New York-style pizza.
– Piss-poor pacing.

The ugly:
– Why does everything have to have tentacles?

1 Response to "Fall Anime Review – 11eyes"

Hey Dom!

I wanted to comment on your critique of 11eyes. I do agree that the best parts of the show are: the art and character designs, and the story (which given the chance will turn anyone into a lover of this anime). As for the pacing I don’t have so much of an issue with it yet. there were times when I wanted it to move faster but I still enjoyed the ride. And yes, tenticles = bad (if not over used) in this show.

I also wanted to pose a questions about what are your thoughts are on the recent Tenchi Muyo spinoff “Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari” (oh and look Seikishi is an S-word ^_^ lol). I have my own views of course but would like to hear yours.

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