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One Piece Volume Zero Scheduled for Manga, Anime Release

Posted on: November 2, 2009

One Piece the Movie: Strong WorldThe Japanese version of Shonen Jump has revealed more details about the upcoming release of Eiichirou Oda’s One Piece Volume Zero, which will be attached to the already-hyped release of One Piece Strong World, the tenth movie in the series.

Strong World has been receiving more attention than usual for a movie based on the popular pirate series, as creator Eiichirou Oda himself wrote the story for the film. Other films were not written by him, though he did supply character designs and had the right to approve or veto stories.

In December, the first 1.5 million fans who watch the One Piece Strong World movie in theaters will receive a special prequel volume of One Piece that takes place twenty years before the story and chronicles the adventures of the legendary pirate Shiki in the time of Gol. D Roger, the pirate king. After the release of the movie, the manga will appear in issue 53 of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

As part of another promotion with House Foods, there will be a special run of 3,000 DVDs containing an animated adaptation of the one-shot story.

I’m really excited about both the movie and the prequel OVA, as the era of Gol D. Roger has been largely unexplored in the One Piece universe and the hints that were dropped in the recent Sabaody arc made it seem like an even grander version of One Piece (if that’s possible). I can’t wait to read it next month!

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