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Sekirei in Five Minutes

Posted on: November 4, 2009

The Sekirei girls

Now imagine them with wings and less clothes, and you have season 1.

Did you miss out on Sekirei, but are interested in the upcoming second season, Sekirei Pure Engagement? Well, have no fear – Aniplex and Square Enix are celebrating today’s release of the new “Yakusoku I’m With You” single with the release of a 5-minute music video that summarizes the whole first season. If you can’t read Japanese, the summary text won’t help much, but between the scantily clad girls and the superpowered brawling, you can get a pretty good idea of what Sekirei is all about.

“Yakusoku I’m With You” and its B-side, “Survive Baby Survive,” are the opening and ending themes of the Sekirei PS2 game, published in Japan by Alchemist.


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[…] Sekirei is a decent harem comedy – you’ll be able to tell if you like it within five minutes of watching the season 1 summary. And as for Tetsuwan Birdy, I think I’ll talk about the manga […]

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