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Fall Anime Review: Kampfer

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Kampfer - Akane threatens Natsuru in ep 1.

Not enough of this...

A show like Kampfer reminds me why I hate anime just as much as I love it. All of the pieces are in place for it to be a very enjoyable and solid show – an interesting cast of superpowered teenagers, an excuse to get them to beat each other up, and… really, that’s all you need (see: Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and 75% of all Shonen Jump properties).

But, instead of the hyper action interspersed with school-age comedy that we should expect from a show like this, Kampfer throws you a lot of lesbian fan service, mixes in some more lesbian jokes, and calls it a day.

Kampfer - Sakura clings to Natsuru.

Too much of this.

The premise of Kampfer is interesting enough – a young man named Natsuru finds himself in the possession of a magical stuffed animal which turns him temporarily into a flamethrowing young woman. According to the little stuffed animal, Natsuru is now a Kampfer (German for “fighter”) and is supposed to fight other Kampfers for some unknown purpose. He meets his first Kampfer minutes later, a foul-mouthed, gun-toting firebrand named Akane, and the two of them tear up the streets in a pretty exciting opening fight before realizing that they’re actually on the same side.

It all goes downhill from there, though – after episode 2, the characters just stop fighting and become more interested in jumping up and down in short skirts than actually trying to figure out what’s going on. There hasn’t been a single explanation as to why the Kampfers exist and just who they’re fighting for. Even in the presence of an honest-to-goodness enemy in the form of student body president Shizuku doesn’t lead to more than one decent conflict before the characters go right back to their girl-on-girl hijinks. If that’s all you’re looking for, you’re golden. If you want anything more than that, you’re out of luck.

What redeeming qualities does Kampfer have? Well, the cast is pretty spectacular. Starchild has gathered up pretty much every famous female seiyuu available, but they’re mostly wasted. The endless parade not-quite-pornographic moaning and squealing gets tired fast, and beyond that there isn’t any substance to the show at all. If you find any real reason to keep watching, let me know, but I’m not very optimistic.

The Good:
– Cute characters who can be genuinely funny when the writers aren’t busy making lesbian jokes.

The Bad:
– Just about everything else. Every scene just gets dumber and dumber as time goes on.

The Ugly:
– Who would ever want a disemboweled bunny as a stuffed animal? Wait, don’t answer that.


5 Responses to "Fall Anime Review: Kampfer"

» Kampfer (German for “fighter”) « Uhm, no. Kampfer means Camphor. What you (or they) possibly mean ist “Kämpfer” or “Kaempfer”, if you don’t have a possibility to input umlauts.

any one who starts a sentence with “Uhm, no” is a douche

Dominic, glad to see you warning us off bad shows as well as recommending good ones. 🙂

Threat check for your MT alter-ego to point out: single-action pistol in the first picture won’t fire with the hammer down.

I’m well into Kampfer. I say that’s because I like to see the confict of a man inside a womens body, cause isn’t that every mans dream?

Indeed, the anime slacks on the fighting side, but the psycological side, and the laugh it gives makes up for it.

For the “Why so Serious” peeps, this anime is for you, if you like the more serious anime I recommend “The Sacred Blacksmith”

ch.. it may be bad in every way, but its the way it dose the horrableness is what makes it funny to watch. It like,”They would never cross that line…” and boom, thay do. It’s perfect in every wrong way.
side note: hate the diablowed animals. Like the spiky one thow…

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