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Winter Anime Preview: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Danec in the Vampire Bund's Akira and MinaJapan has not been immune to the vampire boom of the past few years, and the latest vampire-based property that will be getting an anime is Dance in the Vampire Bund, which combines many of the traditional romance/horror elements that draw so many to the genre.

Dance in the Vampire Bund stars petite vampire Mina Tepes, the queen of all vampires. She ends centuries of shadow wars by announcing the existence of vampires to an unsuspecting world, then pays off the Japanese government to acquire a small, peaceful land for her “people” who wish to live in peace.

Peace doesn’t come easily, though, as fear and loathing on both sides of the vampire-human divide create heavy tensions and often lead to open violence. Mina’s werewolf bodyguard Akira is often caught in the middle due to his human disguise, and their love for each other is frequently endangered by hate, anger, and blood.

Dance in the Vampire Bund starts airing in January, but if you’re interested in getting a feel for the source material, Seven Seas Entertainment has released five volumes of the manga in English. Check out the trailer for the show below, but be warned: Dance in the Vampire Bund is for mature audiences, and you should expect some graphic violence and mild sexual content.


1 Response to "Winter Anime Preview: Dance in the Vampire Bund"

I gave DITVB a glance when I was at the bookstore and it didn’t particularly strike my visual fancy, but after reading your opinion on it I think I’ll keep an eye out for the anime when it premieres.

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