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What to Watch This Weekend

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Here comes the weekend, and that means it’s time for a quick overview of what’s coming and what you should catch up on!

Tomorrow night, One Piece episode 425 airs, and it’ll get the latest story arc into full swing by introducing the villain of the arc, Magellan. The last few arcs of One Piece have been non-stop greatness, so I continue to recommend this show to anyone and everyone who will listen. You just… have to make sure to skip the anime filler, because it will make you angry.

Speaking of angry, Lisseromen, our resident Inuyasha: The Final Act reviewer at SideReel, hasn’t been very happy with the pace of the new Inuyasha. It’s been going too fast with the “ooh, I have a new special move” treadmill lately at the cost of its characters and story, so unless its shapes up fast, it’s probably not worth your time.

And on the “You should watch this” front, I am a recent convert to The Time of Eve. It’s 90 minutes of true science fiction, as a couple of young men are forced to come to terms with the age of androids and their own feelings about where they fit in society. The writing and direction are brilliant, and best of all, it’s available for free and perfectly legally via Crunchyroll. It’s only 90 minutes, and you’ll be a better person for watching it. I promise!

6 Responses to "What to Watch This Weekend"

I’m so behind on watching One Piece. It makes me cry T_T

The Time of Eve looks interesting! Pretty nice animation too. Is it like a movie since it’s 90 minutes?

Time of Eve is 6 15-minute episodes. They’re closely connected enough that they’re going to be combined into a single movie next year!

I watched the entire series of Time of Eve yesterday on you recommendation. Definitely the type of material I like. I would love to see this become a serial or maybe a side story or something.

I was really impressed with the cinematography. It’s something I’m not used to seeing in anime, or most shows for that matter.

I really enjoyed Time of Eve when I watched it. The cafe was a great idea!

I’m hoping that they have a stronger main story thread and conclusion when they do the movie. The episodes worked well together, but aren’t enough to work as a movie.

Time Of Eve was really well done, I watched after the recommendation and the short time span I had to watch Anime due to college. It was really well done, I wanted there to be more but in a way I think it could be ruined if they did that.

If you enjoyed Time of Eve, you should consider watching another animation by the same company, Pale Cocoon. It is only one episode long, but I thought it was worth watching.

Pale Cocoon, like Time of Eve, is available on Crunchyroll for free, legal viewing.

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