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Fumiko’s Confession, 143 Seconds of Indie Goodness

Posted on: November 10, 2009

Fumiko's ConfessionThis video has already made its way around the ‘net, but it’s worth adding to the chorus because it’s just so good. Ishida Hiroyasu (AKA Tete), a student at Kyoto Seika University’s animation department, made waves last weekend by posting an independently made anime short called Fumiko no Kokuhaku (“Fumiko’s Confession”) on various video sites. He directed, animated, and recorded the entire short himself, but did receive outside assistance on the 3D models, textures, and inbetweening.

I really like this short. The directing and storyboarding are good, the character designs fit the style well, and it’s riotously funny in an old-school Looney Tunes way. Ishida Hiroyasu may not be the next Shinkai, but he’s definitely worth watching in the future.

The full video and my translation are after the jump.

There aren’t any subtitles available, so here’s the translated dialogue that isn’t random screaming:

Fumiko: “Um… um… Please go out with me!”
Takashi: “Sorry, but I want to focus on baseball!”

Fumiko: “I’ll make your miso soup every morning!” (this is basically a marriage proposal)
Takashi: “Sorry, but I want to focus on baseball!”

Tete has a few other self-produced shorts on YouTube and Nico Video as well, so if you liked Fumiko’s Confession you should definitely explore his other work.

3 Responses to "Fumiko’s Confession, 143 Seconds of Indie Goodness"

Just discovered the site. Good thing you’ve got going on here, Dom!

To be honest, while the whole short does feel like a Looney-Tunes heir, the music made me immediately think not of the Tunes themselves, but Tiny Toons! It was funny as all get out, nonetheless.

Thanks for introducing this little gem!

[…] favorite is obviously the Looney Tunes-esque “Fumiko’s Confession,” which I loved when I saw it last month, but there are plenty of other worthy candidates you should check out too, like the lush and […]

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