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Fairy Tail – SideReel Review

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Lucy and Natsu, with Happy on the right.The easy way to review Fairy Tail is to say “This is One Piece, but with wizards instead of pirates.” It’s mostly true, too. There’s a little more going on than that, though, so it’s worth taking a deeper look at the show to see past the similarities and judge it on its own merits.

Fairy Tail is the latest example of a formulaic shounen fantasy adventure, cut from the same cloth as so many other manga and anime. What usually sets these shows apart from the pack are the quality of the action, the likeability of the characters, and the writing – usually in that order.

In terms of the magical action, Fairy Tail hasn’t impressed me at all. Only a few episodes in, it’s already relied heavily on stock footage and most scenes just end with a punch to the face. There hasn’t been much in the way of creativity either – Natsu, the male lead, mostly just punches people in the face, while Lucy spends her time summoning useless creatures onto the battlefield and then yelling at them.

That, more than anything else, is the strong point of this show: the comedy. It’s the classic Japanese kind of comedy, with a bunch of characters acting oblivious and stupid in amusing ways while one character shouts at them (think The Three Stooges with slightly less violence). Often, it seems like Lucy is the only character with a good head on her shoulders, since everyone around her comes with crippling (but amusing) character defects.

It’s definitely fun watching all of the wizards acting like idiot children – Natsu has no sense of restraint, Gray sheds his clothes between camera cuts without even noticing, and the Fairy Tail cast is full of freaks just like them. Lucy’s shrill voice of reason keeps the show from descending all the way into chaos, but only barely, and it’s far more amusing to watch the heroes squabble incessantly than it is to see them fighting the bad guys.

So, even though I don’t think I’ll stick with Fairy Tail for very long, it’s a pretty amusing ride – and, unlike its other weekly counterparts, it hasn’t resorted to filler episodes yet, which is a big plus.

The Good:
– Solid comic timing and a flair for the ridiculous.
– Great cast that carries the dialogue well.

The Bad:
– Generic in almost every other way – throwaway plots, forgettable fights, and not much else.

The Ugly:
– What’s with the ugly mascots lately? The little drill-nosed white thing doesn’t contribute to the show in any way.


2 Responses to "Fairy Tail – SideReel Review"

(New Poster Here) I’m just saying I love the manga and I love the Anime. Characters are awesome and the character development later in the series is absolutely amazing, especially during the Phantom Lord arc, which has some of the best fight scenes in the manga, in my opinion.

Plue is like the author’s personal mascot, from Rave Master. It’s a little dog thing that can find the pieces of Rave that have been scattered. Etc.

Hope you continue to watch it, it does get much much better.

I saw some pics of this once and thought the character designs were cool. Having now heard a review, I think I might try it.

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