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Weird Wednesday: My Girlfriend is the President

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Her name is Oubama. Because that's subtle.

Yes we can!

Every so often, something comes along that blows me out of my seat in disbelief. When that happens, it will end up as the subject of a Weird Wednesday. I’d like to say that I’m jaded and it doesn’t happen very often, but the ability of the Japanese entertainment industry to out-weird itself from week to week is astounding.

This week: a safe for work trailer (in English, even!) for a game that is so very unsafe for work. I don’t suggest following any google threads for this game unless you’re somewhere out of view. My Girlfriend is the President stars a pair of girls named Oubama and Puuchin, which is about as subtle as you get in these kinds of parodies. Check it out, and don’t blame me for any brain damage you may experience…


3 Responses to "Weird Wednesday: My Girlfriend is the President"

This thing is full of wtf and I want to play it.

Yes, you’re right about their outweirding abilities. One should say that if there is something weird and awesome invented by Japanese, tomorrow will prove one that there is weirder and more awesome.

I didn’t even watch the whole thing (just skimmed it), and it seems like one of those things that are weird enough that you HAVE to give it a try.

i stopped after a m inute and 58 secinds to go drip my cerebral fluid out of my ear. then i went for a run. to the pits of hell. they made more sense than this:S

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