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The Wallflower Live Action Drama Announced

Posted on: November 13, 2009

Needs more chainsaws.

Image from VKL

The popular manga Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge (released in English under the much more pronounceable title The Wallflower) already got the animated treatment back in 2006, but now the series is on track for a live action drama adaptation. The upcoming TV series was announced by the manga anthology that publishes the series, Bessatsu Friend, and provided a January 2010 date for the premiere.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one, for reasons I’ll discuss after the jump.

I’ve been a fan of The Wallflower for years, after a friend in college described it to me as “Shoujo with chainsaws.” I followed it loyally for at least 15 volumes or so, but then it started feeling really repetitive. The anime didn’t really wow me either, with its ultra-low production values (note: almost all shoujo anime is made on a shoestring budget, since the audience is generally smaller and the profits minimal) and general apeing of the manga without really adding much – Nakahara Mai playing Noi was a highlight, but I’ve pretty much forgotten everything else about it.

The concept of the series is ripe with possibilities, though – four prettyboys are offered free room and board forever if they can turn the glamorous landlady’s mousy, horror-loving niece into a beautiful social butterfly – while the morbidly obsessive and violent Sunako is a fascinating change of pace from the meek doormats who usually star in shoujo manga. As most Japanese dramas run for 12-13 episodes, the drama could condense all that is awesome in the manga and cut out the random fluff, which would make it amazingly good.

Of course, it could also just take the worst parts of the manga and have four prettyboys standing around doing nothing, so there’s still a lot of inertia to overcome if this drama wants to be good.


3 Responses to "The Wallflower Live Action Drama Announced"

This excites me~ I like the manga well enough, and never watched the anime (save the first episode…), but I like the idea of this pitch being played out with real actors~

Real pretty asian men~ Horror things~ Mm~ ❤

I remember I was lent the first few volumes of the manga once. It was okay, but I never really cared to get back into it I guess.

Is it wrong that when you mentioned “four prettyboys standing around doing nothing,” I was reminded of the opening for “King of the Hill”?

If someone would do a fanvid showing four bishies standing around drinking wine by somebody’s back fence, in the style of King of the Hill, my life would be complete.

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