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Tuesday Tunes – Going Old School

Posted on: November 17, 2009


Today’s Tuesday Tunes talks about two of the grand old men of anime music, Mizuki Ichirou and Kushida Akira. The two of them have combined for hundreds of anime and tokusatsu themes, and they’re two of the featured acts of the upcoming Kingrun Anime Song Kouhaku. Their songs are older than a lot of you (hell, a bunch are older than me), so it’s worth going back and showing some of you whippersnappers how anime music was done in the days before Haruhi dances and seiyuu/singer idols.

It was a manlier time.

This is Mizuki Ichirou (AKA: “Aniki” or “Big Bro”) singing a medley of four of his greatest hits, from Babel II (1973) and Combattler V (1976) to Captain Harlock (1978) and Mazinger Z (1972). Mizuki Ichirou’s contribution to anime music can never be understated, and modern audiences may know him best for founding the anisong supergroup JAM Project, which continues his tradition of passionate, burning music to this day.

Kushida Akira is cut from the same cloth of Ichirou Mizuki, and started his anisong career back in 1981. He’s best known in the anime world for his Kinnikuman themes, but he also has a long and illustrious career in the tokusatsu series, with 25 burning-hot songs under his belt, including the classic Space Sheriff Gavan song seen above.

Kushida isn’t above making fun of himself, though, and he recently made an appearance in an absolutely hilarious remix of an iDOLM@STER track. Check it out, but be prepared – the track sounds weird.

For reference, the original song sounds much less… manly:

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2 Responses to "Tuesday Tunes – Going Old School"

OH YES IT WAS SUCH A MANLIER TIME BACK THEN. I almost broke into manly tears of nostalgia hearing mizuki again, especially with mazinger Z. And yes I’m a giant fan of almost all mecha series. Xabungle’s still a bit silly though.

Reminds me of the time JAM Project did their own version of the Lucky Star song ‘Motteke! Sailor Fuku’

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