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Quiz Magic Academy Second OAV Coming Soon

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Rukia... I mean Ruquia and her friends.Konami’s Quiz Magic Academy is getting its second OAV next year. According to Anime News Network, the second DS game based on the popular game series is coming with an original anime episode, similar to the OAV that came out last year.

The first OAV for Quiz Magic Academy was pretty amusing, with a bunch of little comic vignettes loosely strung together by the cast of the arcade trivia game. The series has such a silly premise – a group of student wizards compete in trivia games to “level up” as sages – that any attempt at a story would feel tacked-on and stupid, so hopefully the new OAV is just as light-hearted and short as the last one.

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2 Responses to "Quiz Magic Academy Second OAV Coming Soon"

Konami… As produced by Hideo Kojima…

Otacon: Snake, you’ve got to infiltrate the quiz academy, they’ve got METAL GEAR!


Otacon: Yes, Snake, METAL GEAR. This is a training area for the Patriots, and they’ve been brain washed into believing that they are playing a game where the end goal is the domination of the entire world under the Patriots!

Snake: So I’ve got to get in there, disable their Metal Gear, all the while fighting school girls?!

Otacon: Don’t worry snake, in Metal Gear: Quiz Magic Academy, you’ll play trivial games to defeat opponents. You’ll be able to succeed at this by reading some of their comics that you will collect, the more you collect, the closer you get to METAL GEAR!

I would play that.

Holy shit that sounds amazing. We need to fund that.

The anime does sound interesting as well.

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