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Weird Wednesday – Quiz Magic Academy

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Riel, the maid from QMA.

Image from SS-Machine on pixiv.

Today’s Weird Wednesday is a short one, but a good one. Quiz Magic Academy is a touch screen quiz game in Japanese arcades, and most of the time, the touch screen is used to type in answers, choose from multiple choice questions, and all sorts of other ways to test knowledge and reaction time.

In later editions of the game, Konami added Riel, a maid who runs the in-game shop for avatar items. They also added an easter egg for people who take the touch screen a bit too seriously…

Note that in the most recent Quiz Magic Academy games, they added a “barrier” over Riel’s assets that couldn’t be broken until the player had a sufficient wizard level…

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1 Response to "Weird Wednesday – Quiz Magic Academy"

Hahaha, it must’ve been inevitable. Awesome.

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