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What to Watch This Weekend – 11/20

Posted on: November 20, 2009

Vash the Stampede, done in 3 colors.

Image from yuuki on pixiv.

By now, you’re used to me doing my usual plugs for One Piece and InuYasha: The Final Act, so let’s consider those done and move on to catch-up viewing. My suggestion – and it’s something I’ll be doing myself when I’m not stuffing myself with early Thanksgiving food – is one of the first anime that came out on DVD. Yes, it’s the very same Trigun I mentioned earlier today.

The thing is, I only want you to watch the first half of the series. The first few episodes are based on bonus chapters from the manga and don’t give you a very good look at the grittier side of Trigun which lurks under the whimsical surface. The middle episodes are where the show really hit its stride, balancing the tragic and the comic against each other to great effect, as you got to see underneath the clown’s facade a bit without things getting overly melodramatic. The later episodes… kind of fell apart. But those first 12 or so episodes remain watchable to this day, and I’ll go dig out my old Pioneer discs when I have the chance. It’ll get me revved up for the movie, which looks like it’ll bring back the same dorky charm that made the TV series a fan favorite.


3 Responses to "What to Watch This Weekend – 11/20"

Just my opinion, but I’d have to disagree. While I loved the fluffy fun of the first half of the series (the first episode is a great hook into this), I preferred the depth of the second half, where you find out the background behind the world you’ve seen (why IS it wild west – yet with cars, walkmans, pinball machines?). Why is Vash so important? Etc. Not going to give away anything, but I think it probably comes down to what you’re looking for in a series. Fun vs philosophy? Lighthearted vs serious? Comedy vs drama? Of course, Trigun more than most series has all of these aspects and does them well – I certainly wouldn’t say it fell apart just due to the change in tone.

Trigun is, and will be one of my favourite shows, it’s fun, it’s serious, and it has gunzzz

The manga version is far superior to the anime. I sometimes find it funny that everyone hates on the original Hellsing TV series for basically making up it’s own version of the story, but nobody points out that the Trigun anime pretty much does the same thing. A reboot of the series that closely follows the manga’s storyline (like Hellsing Ultimate) would be awesome.

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