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Weekend News Catch-up: Mizuki Nana on Kouhaku, FUNimation licenses, and Vampire Knight

Posted on: November 23, 2009


Image from Insidears via Seiyuu3

It was a busy weekend in anime news, with the new year looming and the winter anime season on the horizon, as well as the New Moon release bringing the New York Times’ attention to the Vampire Knight manga. But the big news for me was Kouhaku Uta Gassen, which finally put out its list of performers and included my favorite singer in the anime business, Mizuki Nana. You can be sure that the Tuesday Tunes will be more from her selection! In the meantime, enjoy the other news.

Mizuki Nana announced for Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Thanks to my friend houkoholic over in Japan, I got the good news this morning – late afternoon Japan time – that Mizuki Nana is going to be a performer for the red team this New Year’s Eve. Included in his post at seiyuu3 was a link to Mizuki Nana singing the Uta no Chikara (“The Power of Song”) theme for this year’s Kouhaku, which was written by famed composer Joe Hisaishi, who is best known for his work on pretty much every Ghibli movie ever, including My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. Check out the highlight reel of her announcement, including a clip of her song for the new White Album season.

FUNimation announces 4 anime licenses at AnimeUSA

Over the weekend, FUNimation announced what should be its last titles of the year, including a license rescued from the ruins of ADV and hopefully bound for a return to glory.

The three licenses announced by FUNimation are: Sekirei, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode, Full Metal Panic!, and my personal favorite off of this list, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. You can find official descriptions of each show over at the official FUNimation blog, but I’d like to make sure you guys have seen Fumoffu, which is my favorite anime comedy of all time. So, you know – pick it up! It’s super-cheap on Amazon…

Meanwhile, Sekirei is a decent harem comedy – you’ll be able to tell if you like it within five minutes of watching the season 1 summary. And as for Tetsuwan Birdy, I think I’ll talk about the manga today.

Vampire Knight makes the New York Times

In the wake of New Moon kicking up a new wave of vampire-mania, the New York Times highlighted the Vampire Knight manga in its best-seller list. It’s a nice little article, which begs the question – if it’s going to be so popular, why isn’t it on TV yet?


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