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Ladies vs. Butlers – Winter Anime Preview

Posted on: November 24, 2009

This is the power of drills!

Weaponized fetish hair. This is how far we've come.

Ladies vs. Butlers is the latest light novel to get the anime treatment, and when it comes out in January, you should have a good idea of what to expect just from the title. But hey – the last anime that combined the master/servant dynamic with high school was Hayate no Gotoku!, and that one turned out great. So let’s take a slightly deeper look at what Ladies vs. Butlers (AKA LadyBut in Japanese, I kid you not) has to offer other than characters wearing fetishized servant outfits and rich girls acting high and mighty and strangely lovable.

Originally published by Dengeki Books in 2006, Ladies vs. Butlers is the heartwarming story of Hino Akiharu, a boy who manages to pass the entrance exams for one of the most elite academies around… with a twist – it’s a butler training program. However, because of his intimidating looks – he’s the picture of the Japanese delinquent, from his bleached hair to the three safety pins he wears as earrings – the student population, made up mostly of the daughters of the wealthy and powerful, shuns him.

Out of the student body, he meets two unlikely friends: his old classmate Saikyou Tomomi, a nouveau riche girl who tries desperately to hide her jealous and wicked nature, and Selenia Iori Flameheart, who thinks he’s a trespasser and tries to chase him off the grounds the first time she sees him.

The stories of Ladies vs. Butlers center around the class gap, Akiharu’s quest for acceptance, and, let’s be perfectly honest here, about cute girls doing cute things in order to draw in the otaku crowd. I mean, you have the shy girl with the twin drill haircut, you have maids galore, you even have a reverse trap in the cast to get those fetish juices flowing.

However, I am a sucker for twin drills and other weaponized fetishes, so I have to admit that I’ll be watching this one closely, even if it is done by the Kanokon director.


1 Response to "Ladies vs. Butlers – Winter Anime Preview"

Dude, Drill hair! I am gonna watch the first episode, at least!

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