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Broken Blade – Winter Anime Preview

Posted on: November 25, 2009

The text says "Let's defy fate."The official Broken Blade site (AKA “Break Blade”) has posted up a trailer for the first segment of its upcoming OAV series, and while sadly you can’t watch it unless you’re in Asia, you can at least see the cast and story of the fantasy/mecha hybrid.

The story of Broken Blade takes place in a world where machines move by using the magic of the users – so, everyone is in some way a wizard. The main character, Rygart Arrow, is the exception. He can’t use magic, which makes him unable to operate the Golem war machines which are the backbone of the world’s armies. However, because his school buddies Hodr and Sigyn happen to be the king and queen of the Krishna kingdom, he gets mixed up in an invasion by the Athens Alliance – an invasion led by their old friend Zess!

When Rygart discovers an ancient war machine known as the Broken Blade that only he can pilot, he’s forced to make tough choices about where his loyalties lie in a war between his friends.

There will be six chapters of Broken Blade produced by XEBEC and Production IG, and the first one will be released early next year. The names behind this one are solid, so I’ll at least give it a cursory look. Another option is reading the translated manga from CMX beforehand, but I tend not to do that for upcoming anime – all too often, I end up reading the manga and ignoring the anime when I do that.

1 Response to "Broken Blade – Winter Anime Preview"

I’ve read a few chapters. I liked the main character. I’ll look into this anime. :+)

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