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Weekend News Catch-up: Thanksgiving Weekend Bonanza

Posted on: November 30, 2009

Image from ZEN, the artist for the Little Busters! manga

While I sat around and waited for my copy of Baldr Sky Dive2 to come in the mail over the long weekend, the anime world was far from idle, with plenty of announcements and other news.

– The upcoming Key (Clannad, Kanon) anime Angel Beats! announced the performers for its opening and ending themes.
Heartcatch Precure!, the seventh season of the Precure magical girl series, was announced.
Strike Witches 2 was given to a new studio, after the dissolution of Gonzo.
– Asahi Productions (Hello Kitty) opened a new animation studio outside of Tokyo, which will make an all-new anime property based on… a rice ball samurai?

Read all the fresh news after the jump.

Angel Beats! Anime Theme Performers Unveiled

The highly anticipated, mostly mysterious anime Angel Beats! announced the identities of its musical performers on the Japanese home page. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Lia will be performing the opening theme for the 2010 series, after previously providing music for Key’s Air and Tomoyo After games. Interestingly, the ending song will be performed by Tada Aoi, who had a brief seiyuu career before reinventing herself as a singer/songwriter – you may remember her as Ed from Cowboy Bebop.

There are still precious few details released about Angel Beats! so far. Aside from the identities of the singers and a few details about the staff, very little is known about the anime, including an air date, a cast, or even a solid story summary. All that’s known is that the story takes place in the afterlife, and that the very Haruhi-like main character intends to defy the will of heaven. (From Moonphase)

Heartcatch Precure! Announced

Heartcatch Precure! LogoIn great news for fans of magical girls, one of the longest currently running shows in the genre announced its latest installment over the weekend. The official site for the show simply says that the anime will air next spring, so we’ll have to wait a bit more for any real, solid details about the seventh season of this children’s hit. (From Asahi)

Strike Witches 2 Production Given to AIC

With the collapse of the previous studio Gonzo, the fan service-heavy dogfighting anime Strike Witches needed a new studio to handle its animation, and AIC has been tapped to replace Gonzo and bring the flying girls to life, countless underwear shots and all. This announcement is being met with a bit of apprehension, as AIC has never been known for their ability to animate combat scenes, and the aerial adventures of girls who are essentially fighter planes are a fairly big jump from AIC’s usual work. (From ANN)

Musubi-maru Anime to be Animated by All-New Studio

While about 90% of all animation studios are located in and around Tokyo, Asahi Productions is trying to break the chains of the big city. The venerable studio said over the weekend that it was opening a new studio in Miyagi to stimulate the local economy. The studio is located in the historically rich Shiraishi City in Miyagi Prefecture, and it will be animating the adventures of Musubi-maru, a character who was created to promote local tourism in Miyagi. The character is based on local hero Date Masamune, and is a rice ball samurai.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to watching this anime, but I am encouraged by companies opening studios outside of Tokyo – the high cost of living often chokes the careers of new animators, so if more companies open up satellite studios outside of Tokyo, this could lead to a new wave of animators instead of the mass exodus we’ve seen in recent years. (From Anime! Anime!)


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