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Wallflower Live Action Cast Announced, Full of Prettyboys

Posted on: December 2, 2009

Needs more chainsaws.

Image from VKL

ANN has dredged up the cast announcement for the live action drama based on Wallflower, and as expected, it’s full of popular young celebrities pulled straight from the Johnny’s Entertainment stable of boy bands.

Heading the list is Kamenashi Kazuya of from the hit factory KAT-TUN, who isn’t just another pretty face – he’s won acclaim for his acting in several roles, from his supporting role in Gokusen 2 to his star turn in Nobuta wo Produce. Two of his Johnny’s comrades will join him in supporting roles as two of the housemates: Uchi Hiroki and Tegoshi Yuuya of NEWS, whose acting skills are a bit more of an unknown than Kamenashi’s. The last member of the male cast is Miyao Shuntarou, a famous ballet dancer and model. Omasa Aya, a relatively new face in the world of Japanese drama, will take the title role of Sunako.

So, there you have it – one pop superstar who’s done some acting, three pretty faces, and the girl. Everything’s in place, and now it’s time to wait for the show to actually air. There’s a little bit of hope if Kamenashi and Omasa can carry the show, but otherwise I don’t really have much hope for the rest of the cast.


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