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Tuesday Tunes – Eurobeat in the Strangest Places

Posted on: December 8, 2009

What do you get when you mix Super Eurobeat with randomly cute seiyuu pop? You get Tamura Yukari’s new single You & Me, apparently. Tamura Yukari isn’t my favorite performer, but she does well within her range and occasionally one of her songs will be actually catchy instead of just generic bubblegum pop. Meanwhile, motsu (from m.o.v.e., which you may remember from Initial D) is a performer who knows exactly what his limits are and performs within them. He’s pretty fun to watch in person.

Together, they make a strangely well-matched duo. The song is fun, and I found myself listening to it a lot today. I don’t recommend looking up very many of Tamura Yukari’s songs, though – they all tend to sound the same after a while because she doesn’t have a very big range to work with. I also tend to get creeped out by pictures of her, because she has dead eyes.


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