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Bakuman Anime Coming in Fall 2010

Posted on: December 10, 2009

An anime about a manga about manga. Now they need to make an anime about the making of this anime.Ready to get meta? You’d better be, because according to Shonen Jump, the Obata Takeshi/Ooba Tsugumi manga Bakuman is scheduled for an anime next fall. The Shonen Jump manga, about two kids trying to get a manga published in Shonen Jump, is a strange beast. It offers strangely realistic portrayals of the stresses and horrors of the manga publishing industry, while still glorifying it.

So now, we have an anime about the manga about manga coming out and things will just get confusing, won’t they? I look forward to writing more about this one, becauseI lost track of the manga after it launched last year, and it looked pretty fun. It’ll be interesting to see if the anime version focuses more on the anime side of the industry – it would only make sense.

(Source: ANN)


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Alright! I know what I’ll be watching in 2010!

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