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One Piece “Strong World” Movie Smashes Records – Weekend News Catch-Up

Posted on: December 14, 2009

One Piece the Movie: Strong World

ANN reports that the new One Piece movie has broken the record for per-screen revenue over the weekend, beating out the Japanese opening weekends of both Ponyo and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The film earned over 1 billion yen (a little under $12 million US) in its first two days, which also beats out the entire take of the ninth One Piece movie.

This isn’t really that surprising given the amount of promotion that went into this movie, which is attached to a mind-bogglingly popular manga that sold over 14 million copies in 2009 alone. Between four episodes of the anime dedicated to ramping up to the movie, a chapter of the manga, and an original manga that was given to ticket holders of the movie, there’s no way that the One Piece-loving portion of the population, which is over two million strong, was going to miss this movie, which presents an all-new story penned by Oda Eiichirou himself.

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If you see the movie, you get a free “Volume Zero” comic too.

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