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Amuro Namie vs. Amuro Ray – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: December 16, 2009

There’s really no need to explain this one: it’s j-pop/dance idol Amuro Namie’s latest music video, which features legendary Gundam hero Amuro Ray. It’s a super catchy tune, and it definitely features the Gundam series and music a lot better than the other Gundam music video from Gackt:


3 Responses to "Amuro Namie vs. Amuro Ray – Tuesday Tunes"

hmm Amuro Namie’s video was taken off youtube…anyone know of an alternate video link?

Looks like You Tube pulled your video

Hey, you mentioned GACKT for once!

Question: What are your thoughts about him, Dom?

Personally, I’m a big fan.

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