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Tsunguri – Weird Wednesdays

Posted on: December 17, 2009

I... I didn't make this picnic basket for you, so don't get the wrong impression, okay?

Tsunguri is probably one of the weirdest books I own, and that’s saying a lot. The book is a collection of illustrated Grimm’s fairy tales, but done with a distinctly parodic, otaku-oriented fashion, with all of the lead roles turning into tsundere anime girls. Details on exactly what this means – and why it’s so dang funny – after the jump.

That means that Little Red Riding Hood keeps getting hit on by the Big Bad Wolf on the way to Grandmother’s house, but she keeps fending off his advances and calling him stupid, while secretly hoping he continues to chase her. It means that a twin-tailed, thigh-high-wearing Gretel hates her fat brother Hansel, but when they’re captured by a witch in the forest, she starts realizing just how kind and lovable he is. It means that Sleeping Beauty sports drill hair and doesn’t really want to be rescued, while Puss in Boots is a cool and aloof catgirl.

That’s only half of the fairy tale interpretations that make my brain hurt – the book also has its own versions of the Bremen Town Musicians, Cinderella, The Frog Princess, and Snow White, all with stories and character designs meant to tickle the fancy of tsundere-loving otaku like myself. It’s hilarious at the same time it’s just so wrong, and while I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone as reading material, it’s really fun to flip through at a whim.

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5 Responses to "Tsunguri – Weird Wednesdays"

Hmmmm… when I saw this I nearly wigged out. One of my passions is fairy tales, perhaps more than even anime and video games. (maybe just anime…) I collect old tomes (which costs more than importing, sometimes) and I have more books with fairy tales in them than I do manga volumes (until recently).

I must say, this may be added to my possession very soon. One I would love to see (uh… for lack of a better word) anime-ized is the Girl without hands ( ) (this site is legitimate). Though, her story is not quite… fitting… for a tsundere type heroine.

That is epic. On a sidenote, I was -born- in Bremen, and still live closeby. Bremen Town Musicians is literally one of the fairytales I grew up with.

I really want to see that reinterpretation now.

This sounds funny as hell. I don’t suppose it’s available in english?

Sadly, no. I don’t think there’s a chance of it ever coming out, either – it’s just too niche. The translation cost and publication cost wouldn’t be justifiable.

that’s a pity… a real pity… (goes to the internet, because it has everything!)

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