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Unko-san – Weird Wednesdays

Posted on: December 23, 2009

Unko-san, just in time for Chistmas!

Japan has always been much more accepting of toilet humor on its children’s television than America – see Dr. Slump and Crayon Shin-chan as prime examples of scatologically-minded scamps. So, with the recent announcement of a second Unko-san series, I decided that I’d cover him a bit for today’s Weird Wednesday.

So, as you can see above, Unko-san is a poop – or, as the show itself likes to call him, a “brown fairy.” He lives on an island full of other themed poops, like Corn poop, Nut poop, Antonio Inoki in poop form, and all sorts of other strange and wacky friends. He’s surprisingly popular, and in a much more lasting way than the butt-biting bug of a few years ago. He has his own merchandise lines from such well-known toy makers as Takara Tomy, Bandai, and Taito, mostly of the plush kind. But wouldn’t you love to have the Unko-san cushion? I sure would. It’d be a great conversation piece.

“Dom, why is there a poop with eyes on your couch?”

“Well you see, there’s this Japanese flash video series about a poop who lives and works with other poops, and brings them good luck.”

“I’m going to go home now.”

“I don’t blame you.”

On second thought, maybe it wouldn’t make such a good conversation piece.

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