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Angel Beats! Trailer 6 Shows Off Animation, Lots of Violence

Posted on: December 28, 2009

Image from Nanao Naru on the Angel Beats! site.

Not pictured: giant blades sticking out of her sleeves.

The long-awaited, oft-teased Angel Beats! anime finally has some solid footage online in its sixth promotional video, released today on the official site for the upcoming collaboration between famed game studio Key and Sony anime arm Aniplex. After five videos full of floating letters and pencil drawings, the latest video shows a whole lot of the show in action – and action is the right word, because Angel Beats! comes with a shocking amount of blood and explosions, more than every other Key work combined.

The premise does start with all of the characters being dead and playing around in the afterlife, but it’s strange to see a Maeda Jun story with so many machine guns, pools of blood, and ballistics. None of his other works have even scratched the surface of this trailer, from the slapstick video game violence of Clannad to the… well, I can’t even think of any other Key work that has even this much violence. It’s a new direction for Key, and we’ll have to wait until this show starts before making a decision on it. But it sure is going to be different from the Air, Kanon, and Clannad dramas we’re used to.


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