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Shiki Trailer Shows You Terror in a Handful of Stills

Posted on: December 29, 2009

Those dead eyes... Dead, dead eyes...Wusses such as myself will be easily freaked out by the horror anime Shiki. Heck, just looking at the picture up there gives me the willies – Japanese dolls have always inspired a little terror in me with their lifeless eyes and general resemblance to a corpse, which is accentuated in most of the promotional stills for Shiki.

Thankfully, the trailer posted to the official Shiki site doesn’t get truly freaky yet, mostly showing some line art and stills from the series, about a small mountain town called Sotobamura which finds cut off from the rest of the world after a large number of the townsfolk die under mysterious circumstances. The original manga was created by Ono Fuyumi and Fujisaki Ryu (of Houshin Engi fame), and if I wasn’t such a pansyboy about horror, I would have checked this out ages ago – it looks great, alive (in a manner of speaking) with the atmosphere that is so essential to a good scary story.

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