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‘Twas the Week Before Kouhaku – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: December 29, 2009

Appointment television, even with the ratings slipping.

Mizuki Nana may be the only anime seiyuu on the 60th Kouhaku program this week, but there are plenty of mainstream performers on the program who’ve lent their songs to anime programs and video games. I mean, Final Fantasy X-2 skyrocketed Koda Kumi’s career, and fans of her skimpy outfits and catchy dance tunes are thankful for it. This is a quick look at some of the Kouhaku performers and some of the songs you may not know about that ended up on anime soundtracks.

Note: the “you may not know about” excludes all of those Bleach and Naruto Shippuden themes that are floating around by popular acts.


What used to be a solid R&B act has turned into a bloated boy band known more for the “Indestructible” atrocity that precedes Street Fighter IV, but there’s no denying that they’re one of the most popular acts in Japan. Their beat-heavy take on Galaxy Express 999 is pretty catchy, even if it was used in a Kirin beer commercial and not a cover of the classic movie’s theme…

Mizuki Nana

Okay, okay, this is an excuse to sneak in more Mizuki Nana music. Sue me. This one’s popular among the Japanese concert crowd for its poppy nothingness, and the easy-to-do dance. It’s from an obscure children’s anime from Sega called Mamumume Mogacho, which really doesn’t matter as much as the song does.

Porno Graffitti

I used to be a huge Porno Graffitti fan. Their songs were fast-paced, fun to sing, and it looked like the band was having a great time doing their songs too. Then their bassist left and he seemed to take the fun of music with him as they devoted themselves to limp ballads and other uninteresting projects. But I still go back to their older stuff for fun, because they had such a great sound back in the day. Check out the theme they did for the Great Teacher Onizuka anime, “Hitori no Yoru.”


This Johnny’s group distinguishes itself from the rest of the boy-band stable by playing their own instruments and leaning more toward rock than pop, which I’m totally okay with. Did you remember that they did the first Kodomo no Omocha opening?


Ayaka is one of my favorite pure singers in the Japanese music scene, and it pains me greatly to know that she’s going to have to take a long hiatus so she can concentrate on her fight with Graves’ Disease. So enjoy her ending to Cross Game, one of the best anime of the year and one of the most amazing songs to accompany a melancholy and nostalgic ending sequence. I may or may not have reached for a tissue the first time I heard this song, thanks to the power of her singing voice.


The most famous act on the slate, the Boy Band That Would Not Die is going to do a Michael Jackson tribute on the program, which I’m okay with – but please tell me that someone besides me remembers their early stuff songs for magical girl shows, like Hime-Chan no Ribbon and Akazukin Chacha?

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Oh yeah! I’m not afraid to admit that I love Hime-chan no Ribbon and Akazukin Cha Cha. Kimi iro omoi is fun to sing too!

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