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K-On! Second Season Confirmed

Posted on: December 30, 2009

I couldn't bear to cut this image to just the season 2 announcement part, since it would only show Yui from the waist down.

Today’s “that was inevitable” moment came when the official site for Kyoto Animation’s musical hit K-On! was updated with the above image, which confirmed a second season for the slice of life show about a high school all-girl band. Given the stellar sales of the DVDs and the show’s massive fan base (the show’s representation at Comike 77 is off the charts), this announcement falls somewhere between “We like money” and “The sun will rise tomorrow” on the surprise scale.

Fearless prediction: 8 straight episodes of the band practicing the exact same song, with mild costume changes and ad-libs.

What? No, I’m not bitter, what makes you think that?

Source: Moon Phase


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