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Nippon Animation Posts Classic Anime on YouTube

Posted on: January 4, 2010

When I say “classic” here, I mean that many of the anime posted on Nippon Animation’s brand new YouTube channel are older than most of you – Akage no Anne (AKA Anne of Green Gables) is thirty years old, while their adaptation of A Dog of Flanders started in 1975. Entire generations of Japanese children have grown up on Nippon Animation’s adaptations of world literature, and it’s pretty fascinating to watch all of it on YouTube. I’ve spent the last few minutes watching their interpretation of Lassie, and next on the list is the Tom Sawyer story as imagined for an audience of Japanese children.

Sadly, they haven’t provided subtitles for any of their videos, but since most of the anime are for children and based on familiar stories, you shouldn’t have much of a problem browsing their selection of shows. They may not grab your attention since they’re intended to introduce children to the great works of the world, but they’re an interesting cultural snapshot.

PS: Mahoujin Guru Guru is awesome.


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