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Anime Announcements: Durarara!! from Crunchyroll, FLCL from Funimation

Posted on: January 6, 2010

The Durarara!! cast and style.

Well, that pulled us out of the doldrums pretty quickly. Both simulcast king Crunchyroll and anime market leader FUNimation dropped the names of big titles today, with FUNimation rescuing Gainax’s FLCL from the defunct Synch-Point/Broccoli, and Crunchyroll starting up simulcasts of Durarara!!

Both of these titles come with strong pedigrees. FLCL is one of Gainax’s best works post-Eva, though the collaboration from powerhouses Production IG and Starchild certainly didn’t hurt. It’s a festival of weirdness that I really hope has aged well – I’ll have to pull out my old DVDs and check, but it should be just as much fun as it was when it came out. FUNimation hasn’t yet announced what they’re going to do with Synch-Point’s original, fairly solid dub track, so that’ll be some news to look out for when they finalize contracts.

Meanwhile, Durarara!! comes with a strong recommendation from anyone who has ever watched Baccano!!, with its story of street gangs in Ikebukuro and the motorcycling Dullahan they all fear.

This is a pretty strong start to 2010 already, and both Crunchyroll and FUNimation are far from done with their announcements. Let’s see how it all plays out!

1 Response to "Anime Announcements: Durarara!! from Crunchyroll, FLCL from Funimation"

FLCL is one of my all time favorite anime. In fact, I think it’s the one that got me into anime. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to it now. Thanks for the info.

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