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Hetalia, Sacred Blacksmith Close Out FUNimation’s Roll-Out Riot

Posted on: January 8, 2010

That's some powerful pandering.

Left side for the fellas, right side for the ladies.

Okay, that counts as big. FUNimation announced Hetalia: Axis Powers and The Sacred Blacksmith today, neatly pulling in the fangirl audience and the boob-loving crowd in one fell swoop.  Hetalia is guaranteed to make money from thousands upon thousands of gleeful fangirls, while The Sacred Blacksmith staples medieval fantasy to copious amounts of maid outfits, wet clothing, and groping for the other half of the population.

A little more explanation of each series and why it’s popular after the jump.

Hetalia: Axis Powers is based on a parodic web comic by Himaruya Hidekazu, that stars the nations of the pre-World War II Axis and Allies as turned into prettyboys. These prettyboys engage in acts that distill world events between World Wars I and II into parodic, personal actions that overflow with homo-eroticism. It’s been a huge hit among the fangirl crowd for years, and FUNimation should be able to keep the success of this fan favorite rolling.

The Sacred Blacksmith, on the other hand, is entirely on the other side of the spectrum. Its popularity can conveniently be summed up by the magazine pin-up below:

Underwear, boobs, that pretty much sums it up.

I looked and looked, and couldn't find any promotional images with males in them.

This announcement is pretty much a win-win situation for FUNimation and fans alike – fangirls get their slashy anthropomorphic countries, guys get a nice fluffy service series, and FUNimation gets some fan goodwill for giving people what they want.

1 Response to "Hetalia, Sacred Blacksmith Close Out FUNimation’s Roll-Out Riot"

The anime underground likes to call The Sarcred Blacksmith, as “Boobsmith”. But overall, it really did have a good thing going for awhile, but it just…I dunno, doesn’t GO ANYWHERE. It had potential to do a good (albeit fanservice heavy) story in there, with some good action scenes, and ended up just petering out with a trickle of goodness, hidden under a river of bad.

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