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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Anime Confirmed

Posted on: January 11, 2010

I barely know what's going on, but I'm in!

Image courtesy of the Dengeki Moeou blog

Dengeki Bunko announced over the weekend that its popular Ookami-san light novel series is going multimedia, with a manga adaptation and anime project now in the works for the first book, Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi (“Ookami-san and the Seven Friends,” roughly). More info about the fairy tail-inspired school series, and why it’s like Super Robot Wars for fairy tales, after the jump.

The Ookami-san series by Okita Masashi is a high school romantic comedy that the author jokingly describes as “Super Fairy Tail Wars” for its tendency to turn characters from both Eastern and Western children’s stories into wacky high school students. The three main characters are: Ookami Ryouko (a pun on the Japanese word for “wolf” and a reference to Little Red Riding Hood), a freshman known for her fierce and frightening attitude along with her looks, Akai Ringo (“red apple,” a reference to Snow White), a conniving red-haired girl who looks exactly like Little Red Riding Hood, and Morino Ryoushi (“hunter in the forest,” another Red Riding Hood pun), a timid country boy who gets sucked into the two girls’ adventures.I admit it, I want to read this book now.

The three of them, along with other characters based on everything from Aesop’s fables to Japanese folk tales, run a “bank” at their school that lends favors and troubleshooting services instead of money. They and their friends get into a slew of comedic adventures loosely based on children’s stories gone horribly wrong.

Overall, it seems like a much more lighthearted version of Vertigo’s Fables series, and that makes me very very interested in the project overall. I think I’ll pick up some of the novels, since the titles themselves make me chuckle, like Ookami-san to Match-uri ja Nai Kedo Fukou na Shoujo (“Ookami-san and the Girl Who Doesn’t Sell Matches But is Unlucky Anyway”).


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