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Skirt Flipping? There’s An App For That – Weird Wednesdays

Posted on: January 13, 2010

It is exactly what you think it is.

Marilyn Monroe for a new generation, or just another useless app?

It’s not just the existence of skirt-flipping iPhone app PUFF! that makes it weird. It’s the way it cheerfully adorns a featured article spot on the website of Japan’s premier video game publication, Famitsu. It’s how it somehow managed to sell well enough to have a sequel that is now out in international iPhone and iPod Touch markets. The upgraded version of the app now comes with with more Japanese girls wearing eminently flippable skirts. The question of why this exists and who’s buying it comes separately.

Here’s the official App Store’s description of the app:

“If you blow on the mic of the application, the skirt of the girl on screen will lift up. Please blow on the girl (rub on the screen upward on an iPod Touch). The girl’s skirt lifts up and she reacts, giving you different looks.

The length of your breath determinse how far up the skirt goes, or how the girl reacts. Try blowing in different ways and enjoy the girl’s reactions.”

The funniest thing is that the app sells for 230 yen in Japan, while over here it’s cheaper at a $1.99 price point. I would be fascinated to see solid numbers on how many people have actually downloaded this thing, since its very existence inspires morbid curiosity in me.

3 Responses to "Skirt Flipping? There’s An App For That – Weird Wednesdays"

Japan… they make what you wish to make but are to scared to


I almost would buy a iPhone (Or iPod Touch) for that app… xD

or not…

hey, lets go live in japan! yeah, oh wait we cant speak japanese! grrr, kanji ruined my edumaction

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