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Mizuki Nana Hits #1 On Oricon Charts By Default – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: January 19, 2010

You think they're trying hard to sell this one?

Image from Akiba Blog.

The latest Mizuki Nana single from the Nanoha movie, “Phantom Minds,” has hit #1 in the charts – but that really doesn’t mean much. As houkoholic at seiyuu3 points out, her 21st single isn’t even the #1 best-seller among Mizuki Nana singles. It’s just not a market where CDs sell, and the sales rose to the top of a weak field. So, not that impressive as a milestone, her 30,000+ attendance concert at Saitama Super Arena was more astounding.

But what this does give me is an excuse to provide you readers with more music from her latest single, as well as some of her more amazing insert songs from the Nanoha series.

We don’t know what scene this is used in yet, but if the Nanoha series is any indication, the insert song “Don’t be long” is going to be used in a particularly badass fight scene. Observe other examples of the power of the single-fight insert song, like the use of “Take a Shot” in a climactic scene of the first Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, which mixed in Mizuki Nana’s epic vocals with some high-flying action:

They pulled the same trick with more characters in Nanoha StrikerS, using one of Mizuki Nana’s best songs to date, “Pray”:

These songs have added great music to thrilling scenes of anime I haven’t watched more than 15 minutes of, and they sorely tempt me to watch the whole series so I have context (this is how I got into Macross Frontier, by the way – I heard “Northern Cross” in concert and had to know what it was attached to).

Back to the topic of the “Phantom Minds” single itself and not just songs used for memorable fight scenes, I’ve bought my copy and have been listening to it nonstop. “Don’t be long” is a particular favorite because I’m a sucker for slap bass, but “Phantom Minds” itself is great, and the other songs round out the single nicely. I highly recommend it!

But then again, I’d also recommend the other 20 Mizuki Nana singles, since I own most of those, too… excuse me while I go and hide in my fanboy corner.


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