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Hanamaru Kindergarten Video Makes Exercise Cute

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Thanks to AnimeNation, I’ve been introduced to the latest ear worm video, a hideously reptitive video from Hanamaru Kindergarten that is ninety seconds of rough footage from the upcoming dance craze, “Panda Neko Taisou” (AKA “Panda Cat Exercise”). You’re welcome.

And if this really does become a dance craze, please shoot me.

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3 Responses to "Hanamaru Kindergarten Video Makes Exercise Cute"

Why did I willingly subject my self to this mindless muck?

I hate you.

I have a friend who absolutely loves videos like this, I sent it to her on Facebook. After receiving multiple comments on how cute, adorable, and just amazing it was I sit here proud in my decision not to watch it!
Thank you for videos like this!

There’s something oddly creepy about that middle kid. >_>

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