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Slayers Revolution Dub Preview by FUNimation – What to Watch This Weekend

Posted on: January 22, 2010

That's our Lina!Flash back to the ’90s with FUNimation’s dub of series revival Slayers Revolution, which not only brings back one of the biggest fantasy franchises of the last decade, but brings back the original dub cast well over a decade after Slayers last saw an American release. The style of comedy may seem a bit dated to modern anime fans, but the show is still worth watching. So check it out on FUNimation’s video site or the Slayers Revolution YouTube channel and see if the classic fantasy/comedy still works for you.

A major turning point of One Piece is coming this weekend too, as Luffy and Chief Warden Magellan finally meet face-to-face and fist-to-fist. The show’s really picked up the pace after some slow filler episodes, so you definitely shouldn’t miss this episode.

See you on Monday!


2 Responses to "Slayers Revolution Dub Preview by FUNimation – What to Watch This Weekend"

I love Slayers to death, but I never did like the girls’ voices in the dub. Oh well, I’m just happy it’s being brought to America. A classic series that demands watching.

I’m sad 😦 all the interesting posts about anime series previews or entirely free shows – they won’t play in Germany due to licensing problems. What licensing problems can there be, if the producers put it on display on youtube?

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