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What to Watch Tonight – January 26 Edition

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Image from Sora no Woto 4.

You and me both, lady.

I’ve become a huge fan of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, but I’ve gotten impatient and have started reading the novels to try and devour as much of it as I can in a short time period. I can’t recommend this course of action to anyone else because it’s expensive and requires a working knowledge of moonspeak, so instead I am going to point out some other interesting anime that have been posted over the last week and weekend.

For example, Sora no Woto episode 4 went up yesterday on Crunchyroll.  I personally find it to be a borefest, but those of you with longer attention spans and higher tolerance for random cuteness will find that it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Speaking of brainless cute, FUNimation has also posted the first episodes of Sekirei on its video site, and as boobs-‘n’-brawls shows go, it’s not the worst around. You can see if you like it before the second season airs later this year!

Personally, I’m waiting for the new Durarara in two days. Between Durarara and BakaTest, I’m covered for this season. What about you guys?


7 Responses to "What to Watch Tonight – January 26 Edition"

As far as this season goes Durarara should be a staple of most viewers; while BakaTest, Vampire Bund,and Sora no Woto can be good supplements for their respective demographics (lets avoid certain mention of animes focused on breast milk).

Personally i’ve always liked Nodame Cantabile and Hidamari Sketch, despite their quirky humor and slow plot.
The ever epic Katanagatari released their fist episode recently, I’m looking forward to watching that.

And of course continuing series from the last few seasons are still great; FMA is finally reaching its climax, One piece never disappoints, Railgun has its moments, and Inuyasha is classic.
Its quite unfortunate how Naruto and Bleach are going, but they’ve been mediocre plot-wise for a while now.

I’m also really enjoying the Once/month Tenchi OVA Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, and while I’m not usually a CLAMP person, Kobato is preferable to me over Military K-on, er, “SoRa No WoTo”. Also, I hear a lot of people really love Kimi Ni Todoke. Admittedly Kobato and KNT are technically last season, but they’re still running, so count in my book.

I find myself slightly dissapointed with this seasons anime (even more so, because of last season that really spoiled me) Both Sora No Woto and Baka to test Shounkanjuu are on the “hmm, I’ll wait with dropping them untill the story starts developing a bit more” and there’s Durarara!! which I really like. Also: I have high hopes for Katanagatari, I need some more shows in my routine as I find myself constantly looking for things to do…

Sora no Woto — I watch it for the mecha-spider-tank.

Memes aside, Durarara!! definitely has potential; the atmosphere is quite engrossing (the Black Bike’s sfx are pretty awesome), but really nothing much has happened as of the last episode I watched (3 I think). BakaTest is good enough so far, as the type of comedy is quite to my liking; I just hope it doesn’t stagnate or anything. Kimi ni Todoke is just too… cute… not to watch, no matter what your preferred genre is (this is the good kind of cute, btw.) Having watched the first episode of Katanagatari as of writing this, I can say it’s a little more ‘fun’ than I initially expected, but promises to hold my attention for the long run (it has epic music, too). Then there’s Bund, which is SHAFT does a vampire anime; it’s unique, but really hasn’t gone anywhere.

I’ve been giving Sora no Woto a chance simply because K-On took a while to grow on me… and after seeing ep 4, I realized that it’s not “K-On goes to war”, but “K-On Genesis Evangelion”.

At least there’s no Shinji in this one, but now I may have to rewatch the first two episodes to pay attention to what I missed the first time around. >_<

I pretty much decided I will watch Sora no Woto through after ep. 4, but I feel I will be disappointed. I enjoy the humor much like I did in K-ON, but I expect all that background and history will end up nothing more than pretty painted false front props. QUIT TEASING ME WITH THAT TANK!

Durarara! Easy. Before I even watched the first episode, I already knew from it’s relation to Baccano that I will be purchasing this one as soon as I get a chance …. And quivering with anticipation as I wait for each episode. It hasn’t dissapointed.

Katanagatari has me confused. Perhaps I went in with too high expectations. By the end of the first episode, while I still expect it to be very good, I’m not excited like I expected. Bakemonogatari had my head spinning from the fron the very start. I’m pretty sure it will end up in my collection none the less.

Railgun feels kind of weak. After digging as deep into that world as Index did, Railgun feels shallow and disconnected. I’m still watching and waiting, desperately looking for a reason to add this to my wall.

One Piece lost me some time ago, but any rekindled interest your mentions of it here might have sparked are being utterly smothered by Fairy Tail. This will definitely be an addition to my collection, and maybe a Happy plush too. 🙂

Cross Game. :-O Oh they had BETTER release this in the US! Do want!

BakaTest was funny and fun, but my plate is too full. Hanamaru … >_< I couldn't make it through the first episode in one sitting. I just can't subject myself to more of that. I tried a few more, but it takes something special for me to follow more than 6-7 weekly shows.

On another subject… Dom, do you have any insight on what's up with Blu-Ray releases? I've been very stubborn for the last couple years about purchasing anime on DVD, even ones I really want, because I don't want to then have it come out on BR. 😦 Anime seems to have a rather short shelf life in general these days, so I'm afraid I'm going to miss getting it at all while I wait to see if it comes out on BR. Is there anywere I can go to see what's will get released?

K-on Was a good show for me to watch, never got bored with it and even if thoses girls were just doing music and eating cake. It was fun times nuff said. I’ve only watched 2 episodes of Sore wo Woto so far, it won’t beat K-on ever but it’s still interesting. Need to watch others episodes and see what happen. Watched Durarara first episode, that’s a nice way to introduce all characters that they used. I’m not really sure what the show is about tough. Ghost riding a bike saving people with no head but a cool helmet? Misterious. And up to my favorite show since a long time. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. I’d PAY for the whole DVD set anytime even though i’m poor. THIS kind of anime is the REASON why i’m even spending countless hours on my computer or Tv screen. It’s hilarious, ridiculous, mood is always High. Main character stupidity just make it so real. I could spend an hour describing stuff i like but i’ll refrain from doing so. I’m already sad they didn’t put a 2nd season for Seitokai no Ichizon: Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai Gijiroku But i expect, no wait, I’m totally praying that they put up a season 2 or more for Baka to test. If anyone as others anime of the same type to suggest, i’d love to hear it.

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