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Haruhi Suzumiya Movie Theme’s Music Video Tries to Make You Sad

Posted on: January 28, 2010

Anime song mega-label Lantis has posted the full 344-second “Yasashii Boukyaku” (“Gentle Oblivion”) as its latest promotional video on YouTube, and I’m surprised at the fan reaction to it being so divided. It’s a melancholy and mournful tune, very fitting for the upcoming Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya movie and its sad-girl-in-snow pace. The movie is a mere week away, and hopefully the American arm of Bandai will be survive long enough to release the movie for us – it’s a good novel, and should be more than enough to make up for that train wreck that tried to pass for a second season.

What do you think?


3 Responses to "Haruhi Suzumiya Movie Theme’s Music Video Tries to Make You Sad"

My favorite is also the 4th, with the seventh novel being a close second. Not that surprising, I guess. One funny thing I should mention, though:

Isn’t a train wreck something that you could potentially watch out of pure morbid curiosity? Because if so, outside of the first two episodes (and maybe the Second “Endless Eight”), I didn’t even bother with the rest of the darn season. I read that the Sigh segment of the second season wasn’t as bad, though, but to date I haven’t got around to watch said episodes.

Hopefully the movie will be good, and between this film and both the Kara no Kyoukai novels getting translated along with the Fate / Stay Night movie, I can get my fix for early 2010.

I never got why people hated the 2nd season so much… It feels very much like Haruhi to me, and yes…
…I skipped a few of the Endless Eight eps, maybe two or three, writing anime history always confuses people in the beginning.
But still, I strongly believe that in a few years when we’re looking back at Haruhi it is considered an epic feat of non-conformism and by then it’s probably been parodied and/or copied by other production companies countless of times, maybe not to that extent or maybe not even with the idea to try and create as many unique views on how the ep would turn out by giving different groups of animators the same job like Kyoto Animation did, but mark my words, Endless 8 sceptics, it will return.

Let’s be honest and admit that the Endless Eight arc is and will remain unique; not that it could not be copied, but because it ruined the whole experience of that second season. There are plenty of reasons to say why it sucks, and I won’t repeat them, millions of 4channers have already done it.

The fact is that this story arc, despite being a good idea AT FIRST, tired me so much that I was bored while watching the “Sighs” arc, just like if KyoAni wanted me to sigh too.

At least, the movie might not suck at all…

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