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Kuroshitsuji II’s All-New Cast Announced

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Butlers! Mizuki Nana! I may actually watch this one O_oLadies rejoice, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) is coming back this summer with an all-new cast of characters! Innovatively titled Kuroshitsuji II, the season will start airing in July and feature a new master-butler pair. Claude Faustus, played by Sakurai Takahiro, will be the titular butler, and Aloise Trancy, played by Mizuki Nana, will be the new master.

Even with the all-new cast of characters, it looks like the next Kuroshitsuji will be more of the same, as the “Faustus” name brings with it the same demonic undertones that came with the first series, and character designs from Toboso Yana cement the connection. So, if you want to see more picture-perfect butlers carrying out seemingly impossible tasks for their masters, you only have a few months to wait!


5 Responses to "Kuroshitsuji II’s All-New Cast Announced"

Minor note.

I believe Aloise is related to Hitler in history, but the names derrives from Aloisia whic means famous Warrior. Claude on the other hand means Lame, in the sense of handicap. So going just from that the characters will most likely be a sassy mistress and her seemingly useless butler.
Personal note: I think Claude will be blonde/brunnette and Aloise will have Green/orange hair.

Wrong Alois is a boy. He’s blonde. and Claude is brunette

What… no more sexy Sebastian voice?
It still better be boylove, or I’m not watching it 😦

NOOO! dont tell me ciel and sebby wont be in it DDDD: thats horriibblleee.. ciel will always be my favorite…</333

Without Sebastian and Ciel, Kuroshitsuji is just not the same. The pictures of the new butler I saw make him look so dorky and lame, when Sebastian looked mysterious and handsome and sexy and evil all in one. I cried during the last episode, because that simply was too short of a story, and after falling in love with the two characters, I simply will not allow anything else in their place. If there is any chance the producers ever read this, “Your fans love the original, there is no need for a new duo.” Why mess with something when it is perfect the way it is?

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