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Cross Game Manga Ends Next Week

Posted on: February 9, 2010

Do not want!

Sing it, Darth.

We all knew it was coming with the climactic pre-Koushien game headed to its conclusion, but the Japanese Shonen Sunday site now confirms that next week’s Cross Game will be the last chapter in the manga, which has run in the pages of the magazine since 2005. The popular baseball story from legendary author/artist Adachi Mitsuru was adapted to an excellent anime last year, and is still airing.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Adachi’s baseball manga (some day, I’ll take a picture of my manga shelves and show you how much I love his work), and this news makes me sad because his current project is a fan service-filled track manga-slash-ghost story. This will cause a huge baseball void in my heart that cannot be filled until Adachi starts his next great romance/baseball manga. Maybe I’ll track down Idol Ace in the meantime…


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