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Arakawa Under The Bridge Cast Announced

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Yep, a star, a nun, and a kappa. All living under a bridge.Nakamura Hikaru got a fairly unique opportunity to announce the cast of the upcoming Arakawa Under the Bridge anime, sneaking the cast announcements into the panels of her manga. Up above you can see that the eccentric lead Nino will be played by Sakamoto Maaya (five bucks says she sings the opening song), while the hapless Riku is played by Kamiya Hiroshi (best known as Zetsubou-sensei).

The real stars are the supporting cast, though, with Sugita Tomokazu (Kyon in Haruhi) playing Star, Koyasu Takehito (who is in everything) playing Sister, and Fujiwara Keiji playing the kappa.

The character designs still don’t look great, but between the immensely strange premise and the animation talents of Shaft, Arakawa Under the Bridge looks like it’s in good shape – as long as Shaft finishes the episodes on time, of course. We’ll see how they do in April.


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