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Time of Eve Movie Trailer Sadly Lacking New Footage

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Rikuo and Sammy.Hidden in all the news about the upcoming anime season is the Time of Eve movie trailer, which is now being streamed from Yahoo’s GyaO service. The trailer unfortunately shows nothing we haven’t seen before – the movie collects all six episodes of the science fiction shorts and adds in a small amount of new footage, but you’d think that they’d show at least a little of it in the trailer.

If you still haven’t watched Eve no Jikan/Time of Eve yet, I can’t recommend it enough. It only takes a few minutes per episode, and is fascinating all the way through. The movie is mostly an excuse to get it to a bigger audience, and there’s nothing to stop you from watching it now – especially since it’s streaming for free on Crunchyroll.


4 Responses to "Time of Eve Movie Trailer Sadly Lacking New Footage"

I should have typed more quickly, the Robert above me said pretty much every I was going to while I was typing it! I caught the series on Episode 3, and it was a wonderful ride.

If you enjoy Time of Eve a lot, you do have the option of purchasing it through Crunchy Roll, I think the default amount is $3 per episode or something like that. Not a bad deal!

And I will also echo the other Robert with “Please keep us informed!”

Actually, that was me on a different Time of Eve thread… Didn’t notice because the picture was the same for both. Oops!

I just like this series a lot and got excited!

I am curious about how much new footage will be in the film, are we talking another episode like amount, or minuscule changes in each episode?

Either way, the series was great.

Hmmm… didn’t seem like a lot of new footage, but the overall flow was very good, and there’s a different ending which expands on the storyline.

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