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K-On!! Set to Air in April

Posted on: February 16, 2010

I couldn't bear to cut this image to just the season 2 announcement part, since it would only show Yui from the waist down.K-On!!, the innovatively titled second season of the popular K-On! anime, has now been saddled with an April 6th air date. In case you had inflated notions of just how popular it was, it’ll still air in the Otaku Hour, holding down the 1:30 AM time slot that so many anime have inhabited before it and will inhabit after it. Not that time slots mean anything in the age of DVR, but it bears repeating sometimes.

Now that I’ve assured myself a good amount of hate mail, I should mention that I have nothing against K-On! at all. It’s a cute and fluffy series that dramatizes the high school girl band experience, and while it has no plot whatsoever, it isn’t offensive either.


3 Responses to "K-On!! Set to Air in April"

No plot is good sometimes!!

its for when you need a break between the more cerebral series you watch.

thought when you said fluffy I thought of that scene from Lilo and Stitch:

I’ll make you taller and less fluffy..

I like fluffy!

Agreed. No Plot = Good…. (sometimes) While the show is most certainly mindless bull**** it serves up smiles and laughs without the prerequisite of having more than 2 brain cells. Ok, maybe that was more insulting than praising but I do love the show. For the time the first season aired it was second only to Bakemonogatari on the enjoyment scale in my mind.

I dont get why people would consider your post as bad crititique on K-on, I sincerely love the show, but I’m smart enough to notice that there is literally no plot and that the writing’s awfully centered on moe moments without any character development whatsoever. You can hardly consider that crtitique, it’s just how these shows are. That said, K-ON DAISUKI!

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