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Welcome to the Space Show Site Opens With Movie Trailer

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Yeah, that won't cause anyone nightmares.

Aniplex’s site for Masunari Kouji’s science fiction adventure, Welcome to the Space Show, has opened with a trailer meant for the Berlin International Film Festival – to view it, click on the green “Trailer” button at the top of the page. Thanks to the international film festival, the trailer is subtitled and narrated in surprisingly good English. It looks like a great children’s adventure, following young Koyama Natsuki and her friends as they have one of the wildest summer vacations ever. After she and her friends rescue a dog who actually is an alien, they ride a jungle gym into space and meet all kinds of fun aliens.

This may sound simple and dull to you, but the team behind it is filled with all-stars, who previously worked on Kamichu! and the R.O.D. TV series. The animation looks as good as you’d expect from an anime film, and the backgrounds and other visuals look great too. The first look at this film will come in Berlin, but it’ll hit Japanese theaters later this year and, with any luck, it’ll see an international release shortly afterward.

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