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Saraiya Goyou, Shiki Trailers Promise Greatness in noitaminA Time Slot

Posted on: February 22, 2010

I really like the color scheme. Not much else to say.The noitaminA time slot has been a consistent source of entertaining anime for the past few years (including Nodame Cantabile, Moyashimon, and Honey and Clover). Today, two trailers were released to show off its upcoming slate: one for April’s House of Five Leaves (Saraiya Goyou), and one for Shiki.

Unlike the first Shiki trailer, this latest trailer for the modern horror shows some actual animation. I’m a horror wuss and would rather cower in a corner than watch this show, but I have to admit that it has all of the earmarks of good horror: a chilling atmosphere, good editing, and careful camera work. When it takes over the time slot in July, all of you will have to tell me if it lives up to its promise, because I’ll be avoiding it for reasons completely independent of its quality.

The Saraiya Goyou is an interesting contrast to Shiki, mixing its unique (some would say “ugly”) characters with a standard j-pop ballad from immi. I’ll watch this one with interest, because the story is fascinating, with the naive samurai Akitsu trying to reconcile his view of the world with his new role as the bodyguard of a kidnapping gang led by the charismatic and amoral Yaichi. Their conversations are the core of the series, and as long as those are presented well, I’ll keep tuning in and being fascinated by the interplay of the two characters. Check it out in April!


3 Responses to "Saraiya Goyou, Shiki Trailers Promise Greatness in noitaminA Time Slot"

Aww, really Dom?

I’ve been waiting to hear your reaction to the announcement of “Shiki”, and you’re saying you won’t even review it once it’s released?!?!

On top of that, you haven’t even given your opinion on GACKT performing in a recurring role in an anime series for the first time!

Horror is scary!

Okay, I won’t deny that the Japanese are incredibly talented in making us poop our pants, so you win that round.

However, opinion please! On the rockstar-becoming-seiyuu! Or better yet, write a “Tuesdays Tunes” article on him!
I highly value your opinions Dom, so I would like to know your two-cents on GACKT! (You were dead-on with Yamapi, btw)

~Your fan

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