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SD Gundam Sangokuden Anime = Three Kingdoms + Gundam + Stupidity

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Check out that beard!

Sunrise knows where their bread is buttered – follow the trends and appeal to the right audience, and you’ve guaranteed yourself another 5 years of profits from good ol’ Gundam. For the past couple years or so, Sunrise has been taking advantage of the wave of oh-so-loose adaptations of the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms (see: Ikki Tousen, Koihime Musou, and my personal favorite bastardization, Ryofuko-chan) and releasing character designs and comics of little Gundams dressed as ancient Chinese warrior-generals. With a movie ready for theatrical release in a few days, today’s leaked announcement of an SD Gundam Sangokuden anime series shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise.

What does surprise me is that they really did stick a Gundam beard on the Guan Yu gundam instead of the little chin attachment they usually have. Tallgeese/Lu Bu is pretty amusing too, and I may end up watching this series out of pure, morbid curiosity. I’ll find out when it starts airing in April, but the SD Gundams have usually been quality, and I do love me some bastardized Chinese historical fantasy. I can always use this against my Chinese friends to watch them squirm (though it doesn’t match that mouse pad that let you rest your wrist on Guan Yu’s boobs for pure brain-breaking) if it’s not actually any good.

(Source: Moon Phase)


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