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Unconventional Conventioneering – Thursday Talking Point

Posted on: February 25, 2010

I just sent off an e-mail to ACen’s Guest Relations department, responding to their request to have me as a guest at Anime Central 2010. I was invited last year as well, but due to family circumstances, I was unable to attend. This year, I intend to go and enjoy a convention for the first time in a while – I tend to spend far too much time staffing these things out of boredom, so it’ll be nice to sit in on an panel and shoot the breeze with fans.

But my question is, out of those of you who still go to anime conventions, why do you do it? Video rooms have long since gone the way of the dodo, so is it for the friends, for the guests, for the loot, or for some combination of the above?

7 Responses to "Unconventional Conventioneering – Thursday Talking Point"

The anime convention I go to is also a gaming convention (traditional and video), and still has anime showings. I tend to go for the RPGs, though. I might watch something if I turn up at the centre in time, or I may play a whole load of Guitar Hero or UT, but mostly the RPGs.

The con, for the interested, is held by the Queen’s University Belfast anime and gaming society, known as the Dragonslayers. The con is Q-Con. One of the largest cons in the country.

When I go to anime conventions, I’m most interested in dealers’ rooms and a few select panels. For the most part I just kind of surf my way through the convention looking for random odds and ends to check out on the schedule.

I can show genuine and open enthusiasm for the hobby, I have fun seeing the random cosplay that people do, and there is almost always at least one panel which I ‘must see’ for my convention to be complete. I always go with a group of friends so we get to hang out all weekend and discuss what we liked or whatever. I suppose that means in the end that the main reason I go is for the social environment that is provided at conventions.

I mostly attend conventions together with some of my friends, it has only happened once that I went alone but even that time I knew a person who worked on that particular con.

Since I’m a boring person when it comes to conventions I mostly just go for the loot and the fun of being with friends. If cons here would have stuff like an artist corner, then I would be more excited to go than I am today. Since we only attend one day of the con, we do not participate much in contests and such (though I meant to participate in an art contest once but forgot my work at home :< ).

My friends do enjoy cosplay and such things much more than I do , so I guess they also have more fun :p

Partly loot, partly guests, but mostly camaraderie. Even with as much progress as anime has made, there aren’t too many chances to go out and openly enjoy one’s hobby with others. It’s an opportunity to get out of th house and take in a fun weekend with like-minded people.

My enthusiasm wanes a little bit each year as the crowds seem to keep getting younger and younger, though. It’s nice when a con makes an effort to have something that appeals to those of us who were part of the culture before fansubs went digital (purple clamshells, daisy-chained VCRs, raw LDs, syapses, etc.).

for me its being surrounded by so many like minded people…it makes you feel more accepted and less strange. It is also good to check out deals..but i have noticed in toronto when i go to fanexpo all the anime dealers never have deals the stuff actually seems overpriced! what i love the most though is seeing the indipendent artists and comic creators.

The whole thing to me now is very much a tradition that i must always live up to no matter what. I look forward to it all year round and hope to use it as a spring board for my comic!

Up here in the Seattle area of Washington, we have Sakura-con.
Like most cons we have the cosplaying and gaming rooms and endless panels from everything to The Anime Dating Game to Meet (insert name here): the voice of (insert list of roles played). A personal favorite is the Asian Gaming rooms where I get to play Go and Shogi with some very awsome people.

Lately the convention has been more about japanese, chinese, and other asian cultures and less about otaku culture / sub-culture. There have been panels about caligraphy, speaking the language, and history.

in the past I would have said I came from the cute cosplayer and the swag. Now I feel I come to learn a little and enjoy the experiance of a different culture, even if it isn’t as accurate as some would like.

I also wouldn’t have been able to see bands like: High and Mighty Color, Scandel, Girugamesh, The Slants, Hangry & Angry, Ketchup Mania, Ellegarden, Stance Punks, and more. I am still hoping Nakashima Mika might drop in one of these days. lol

i love anime conventinos for way too many resons to list. down under in melbourne, the main convention we have is armageddon multi media convention in septemeber/october. cos play is very inspirational in that it proves that there are even more hardcore anime fans than me out there. another motivator is that at the end of the day, alot of stalls cant be bothered hauliong all the stuff they brought in back to their stores, so you can get dvds at less than 50% normal price. but i think my greatest motivator is the VIBE generated by being in the same room as thousand of other anime fans. the atmosphere genrated is almost palpable. anime conventions are an inseperable part of the interest, and i cant see them being fazed out in the future at all.

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