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Super Robot Wars Then and Now – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: March 2, 2010

What happens when you take JAM Project and their old-school anime sensibilities away from the vaunted Super Robot Wars series? A whole lot of fan service rushes in to fill the vacuum. You get Mizuki Nana playing a busty fairy princess, and watch an opening sequence that’s so shamelessly fan service-oriented that one of the girls fondles herself and looks enviously at the other girls. Why, back in my day of playing Super Robot Wars, the opening song was called “Rocks” and consisted of a lot of shouting the words “SUPER ROBOT” over and over again. And we were happy with these things! Check after the jump for what I’m used to out of the Super Robot Wars series, and not this seiyuu idol stuff!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to play my newly arrived copy of Mugen no Frontier Exceed in a corner where no one can see me, so as to hide my shame.

The aforementioned Rocks was the opening for the first Super Robot Wars game I played, OGs for the PS2. It has a great guitar intro, and goes down quickly from there, but it still gets stuck in the head quite easily:

However, my friends shoved Super Robot Wars music down my throat years before, and the defining song of Super Robot Wars history is definitely the epic Skill, which is a concert favorite and a karaoke staple. It’s hard not to love the song with the incredible live performances they keep putting on at Animelo:

Man. That song makes me want to punch a robot in the face. With my MANLINESS.

6 Responses to "Super Robot Wars Then and Now – Tuesday Tunes"

Whoa whoa whoa… Is Frontier Exceed a new game for the DS like Endless Frontier or is it for a different platform? And when will this be coming to the US so I can play the hell out of it? (if its for the DS I’m going to regret having sold my old DS for more FMA mangas.)
(the more I post here, the more I realize just how much I fit into the typical american anime-otaku stereotype. I hate myself…. No wait, no I don’t, I’m awesome. Make that ‘@wes0m3’)

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Saga: Mugen no Frontier Exceed came out in Japan on February 25th. No announcement has been made about a potential US release.

Was wondering where i heard that OP, and i realized it was Unchained World from the Nanoha PSP game single.

Also i like SRW regardless, even if i’m annoyed OGS for ps2 never got brought over stateside (can’t read japanese) even if i don’t own a ps2


Technically speaking, the producer of SRW Terada had always been a perv, I think he’s even gone on record saying that “Robots and breast bounce is a man’s romance” (probably some Gunbuster/Gainax influence in his blood, heck even Nagai Go? No secret that Grand-daddy Mazinger is also full of tits and Kouji is a huge perv, so you can even say tits and perverts had always been in Super Robots since the beginning!), and this is just that the technology (better spirits handling etc) as well as some market influence(“moe” of the female kind) is enabling him to steer it to the direction he had always wanted.

IIRC the moment SRW got into the Alpha series which had pilot cut-ins, you already started having breast bounce and camera up-shots.

Yeah, I’m mostly joking. Bounce is life and all that. I just find it really funny when they drop all pretense. 🙂

Dropping pretense seems to be another one of those market trends now. It’s like the producers just go “ah F**k it, had enough of the teasing!” and throw up their arms and see how much borderline porn they can get away with.

In a sense, it’s kinda refreshing seeing elevens drop the pretense, doesn’t happen that much in real life. 😛

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