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Love Drive, Subaru’s Dating Game – Weird Wednesdays

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Man, this is just too good not to share.Yes, that’s right. Subaru, the car company, has published a free dating sim game, playable on popular Japanese social networking site Mixi. The game is titled Love Drive, and unlike other games in the genre, uses real models. The game takes place entirely in your car (a Subaru Legacy B4, of course) as you drive one of four girls home from work, or to date spots, or all sorts of other excuses to have conversations in the car.

The game is pretty simple and often amusing, especially when it reminds you that it’s made to try and sell a car – the conversations occasionally drift to things like “Your hands when you hold the wheel are pretty sexy.” It’s not blatant that often – though there are a lot of random shots of “your” car driving around empty Japanese streets – but it’s funny to see anyway.

I wonder if this will become a trend of some kind. I’m looking forward to the Kentucky Fried Chicken version of this advertising dating game!


2 Responses to "Love Drive, Subaru’s Dating Game – Weird Wednesdays"

Sadly, this game actually looks pretty darn appealing.

oh these japanese with their dating sim games and their robots and whatnot. back in my day, we didnt have robots. we just had cardboard boxes and metal springs and coils. Gadzooks!

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